Heath And Fitness

Health is of great significance to a person since it dictates the individual’s level of productivity. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are three determinants of health, which include the physical environment, the social and economic environment, and a person’s behavior and characteristics.For starters, physical environment influences the health of individuals in several ways. Healthy workplaces, clean air, safe water, houses, roads, and communities all are instrumental in bringing about good health. Studies have shown that workplace environment plays a critical role in molding one’s health from several angles. It is true that employed persons are usually healthier than their unemployed counterparts; nonetheless, it has been proven that night shifts can bear adverse effects on bodily functions. On the other hand, if the work environment is noisy or stressful, workers get stressed up and find it hard to relax when they are away from work, which often brings about sleeping difficulties. Monotony of work is also not healthy for workers.

Additionally, dirty, dangerous and noisy work can bear an emotional and physical impact on workers that will lead to long-term complications. The socio-economic environment also plays a critical role in determining the health of individuals. Higher social status and income are linked to better health. This fact is so because the richer one is, the greater the access to better health facilities as one has the resources to spend on such lavish amenities. Low levels of learning are associated with lower self-confidence, more stress, and poor health. Social support networks play an integral role in determining health. Greater support from friends, communities and families often lead to better health. Family beliefs, traditions, and customs all bear and impact on health: thus, the need to keep an eye on them. The third factor that influences health is a person’s behavior and characteristics. Genetics plays a fundamental role in determining the chances of developing certain illnesses and lifespan in general, both of which are indicators of a person’s state of health.

Personal coping skills and behavior, which entails keeping active, balanced eating, drinking, smoking, and how we tackle life’s challenges and stresses all impact health. It is, therefore, critical to understand how to optimize the activities in a person’s life, which involves avoiding certain habits such as substance abuse while engaging all the more in others such as physical exercise, healthy eating, etc. Studies have shown that it is quite tough to alter individual behavior. Though instances exist where a change of behavior has been accomplished, the debate about the extent to which health can be enhanced by targeting personal behavior is still ongoing. Many models and theories have been formulated in an attempt to give a reason for the health behaviors that are exhibited by various individuals.

One of the major problems that promoters of public health encounter is the failure of different people to follow advice on how to live healthy lifestyles. It could be because of ignorance or the belief that health is in large part determined by external factors. By increasing health education and advice, these two problems can be solved, and more people can start taking control of their lives. If such an initiative is taken, then we are likely to have a more healthy population in just a few weeks’ time.

A Guide To Choosing The Right Pediatrician

You may be enjoying the stage of being pregnant or you may have already welcomed a new little life into this world. Whichever way, this time is a very exciting one but there are a number of responsibilities that need to be taken care of. Besides selecting the name and baby-proofing the house, it is also very important to choose a good pediatrician for your child so that his or her medical needs are taken care of properly.

Know your Own Philosophies

Every set of parents has different ideas about bringing up their babies. Right from vaccinations to breastfeeding and co-sleeping, parents have different philosophies and so do doctors. It is important that you know exactly what you want for your child. Even though it is not a bad thing to be open to different labels as a parent or different ways to bring up your kids, it is a good idea to know your stand (as well as your partner’s) on certain basic issues regarding the child before you choose a pediatrician. This could help to make your search a lot easier.

Ask People you Trust

Before visiting the pediatrician, ask people to suggest pediatricians in the area. If you have grown up in the area you can always ask your parents or family members. Friends can also help out, especially if they have children of their own. You could also talk to mothers in the neighborhood or those you meet in the vicinity because they are most likely to know the good pediatricians around your location.

Meet With Them

The best way to choose any kind of medical professional is to meet with them. Usually, you will know right from the beginning if you feel comfortable with them or not. You should also ask yourself if you feel comfortable in the office. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. Find out whether they are on the same page as you when it comes to the basics in bringing up your child. Talk to the staff and just figure out if you think the whole place feels right.

Check them Out

Meeting with a doctor may help you decide whether you get a good vibe from a person but everything they say can’t be taken at face value. No doctor will tell you their shortcomings or warn you about their faults. Before you choose a pediatric doctor to take care of your child, it is worth searching for them online and asking people around for their opinion about the person. You will probably find a lot of reviews and opinions which you should factor into your decision making process.